Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jamie's spring break

This past week was UT's spring break, so we were able to go home! We stayed at Thomas's parents' house since we stayed at my parents' over Christmas. It was an insanely busy week--we had so many people we wanted to see, especially since Jamie's sickness over Christmas break kept us from seeing very many people then. We had a great trip, and Jamie especially had tons of fun. He wanted to share his week with you...

Over break, Jamie played with his friends:

met lots of people--including another Jamie!

sat in his great-grandpa's chair:

played all around the house:

went out to lunch:

practiced climbing stairs:

turned 9 months old:

made lots of noise:

went on a Daddy ride:

celebrated St. Patrick's Day:

ate lots of nummy food:

played in the bath:

chewed on everything he could get his hands on:

spent time with his grandparents:

foolishly chose Tennessee to win the NCAA basketball tournament,

cut his 7th tooth,

and was generally the cutest boy around.