Saturday, January 16, 2016

Christmas day 2015

Christmas day was very fun, filled with lots of presents, playing, and too much good food...just what you'd hope for.

Christmas Eve right before these elves headed to bed.
Jamie got two rolls of masking tape, a magnifying glass, a half dollar, a bag of chocolate coins, an orange, and a candy cane in his stocking. He also got a construction Lego set and a baby doll (that he had asked for). I was a little frustrated when I could only find really girly dolls, not knowing if he would care whether it was a boy or a girl. I finally got one that had blue clothes...and then he decided it was a girl and named her Sally. I guess it didn't matter after all!
Jacob had in his stocking an orange, a bag of chocolate coins, a candy cane, a box of chunky crayons, a new cup, and Duck & Goose Colors. He also got a Duplo construction set and some new play-doh. 
his favorites
breakfast was overnight baked French toast with berries and whipped cream, plus bacon, orange juice, and gingerbread coffee
cute, cute Jamie made Peter Rabbit a gift this year (a little pillow that he sewed himself!). He helped Peter open it.
time to open gifts!
one of Jamie's very favorites!! He wore this almost all day.
On a whim I picked up these $3 knock-off lightsabers when I saw them in the dollar section at Target. They were a HUGE hit and have probably been the single most-played-with toys from Christmas.
Jamie's gift to Daddy.
my gift to Thomas...He was a little jealous of the boys' stockings when I made them, so I made him his own personalized one too.
Jamie's gift from the cousin exchange was a set of Darth Vader pajamas. He decided they were a dress-up instead. Put together with the cape and mask he already had and one of the lightsabers I bought, he now has a complete Darth Vader outfit.
post-present opening
play time!
the Christmas decorations Jamie made for us throughout the month. Jacob colored the gingerbread boy on the left and Jamie made all the rest.
lightsaber fights in the dark
traditional Christmas pizza making

Friday, January 15, 2016

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve day was pretty low-key... mostly just food preparation and playing with the boys. We hung up our stockings and finished up any last minute gift wrapping. We had a delicious turkey dinner followed by acting out the Nativity scene and reading The Night Before Christmas. We ate pie, left cookies out for Santa, took a picture by the tree, and finally got the boys to bed.

Jacob was pretty good about leaving the ornaments on the tree, but he loved to touch them. He'd go around poking them and saying, "Ball... ball... ball..."
Jamie thought he was ruining my picture by jumping in at the last second, but it ended up with my getting a rare picture of his real smile. Joke's on him!
from our Nativity scene... Jamie played both a shepherd and a wiseman. Jacob was not interested in being involved and escaped at the first possible moment.