Friday, January 15, 2016

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve day was pretty low-key... mostly just food preparation and playing with the boys. We hung up our stockings and finished up any last minute gift wrapping. We had a delicious turkey dinner followed by acting out the Nativity scene and reading The Night Before Christmas. We ate pie, left cookies out for Santa, took a picture by the tree, and finally got the boys to bed.

Jacob was pretty good about leaving the ornaments on the tree, but he loved to touch them. He'd go around poking them and saying, "Ball... ball... ball..."
Jamie thought he was ruining my picture by jumping in at the last second, but it ended up with my getting a rare picture of his real smile. Joke's on him!
from our Nativity scene... Jamie played both a shepherd and a wiseman. Jacob was not interested in being involved and escaped at the first possible moment.

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