Sunday, November 17, 2013

trip to the dentist

Jamie had his first dentist appointment last week, and I am happy to report that he did PERFECTLY. We practiced a lot beforehand, taking turns being each other's dentist, so he knew exactly what to expect and opened his mouth up without even being asked. I was so proud of him! And the dentist gave his teeth a good report, so it was all around a pretty great experience!

Oakes Farm

A couple weeks ago we spent a fun afternoon at Oakes Farm, a local farm with a corn maze and lots of other fun activities. We had meant to go earlier in the season but didn't make it until their last day. I'm glad we managed to squeeze it in because Jamie had so much fun!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

20 weeks

Here's my 20 week belly picture. We're halfway there...unless baby brother decides to pull a Jamie, in which case next week we'll be halfway there :)

Just for fun, here I am at 20 weeks with Jamie. Definitely a little bigger this time around, but the difference isn't quite as drastic as it was a couple months ago.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween festivities

Halloween is Jamie's favorite holiday. He had very seriously been waiting for it for an entire year. After last Halloween, he never stopped wanting to get Halloween books from the library or talking about ghosts, vampires, and witches, so he was one happy boy when the season finally came around again. We had a ton of fun celebrating this year!

We decorated the house (a little bit, kind of)...
some monster decorations we made together
This spider web was short lived but pretty hilarious while it lasted. Jamie really wanted to scare Daddy with it but it fell down before he got home.
 We went to a Halloween party at our library branch...
my little dragon!
bean bag toss
pumpkin craft
feeling "body parts"
 We carved jack-o-lanterns...
Jamie wanted his face upside down because he thought it was scarier that way. And mine originally didn't have the eyebrows, but Jamie insisted it wasn't scary enough so I had to add them.
 We went to Jamie's preschool Halloween party...
decorating a robot mask
bobbing for apples - he totally cheated so his turn lasted all of 3 seconds
Halloween Bingo
pumpkin decorating
playing "Ghost, Ghost, Witch"
Halloween lunch!
We took cups of dirt pudding. Jamie was SO excited about it and put all the worms in. I didn't get any pictures of them but happily we had some left over at home for later!
I couldn't get a very good picture of it, but Jamie loved playing with the vampire teeth he got in his goody bag. It was SO funny.
And, of course, we went trick-or-treating! We had so much fun. Jamie lasted almost 2 hours before wanting to be carried and complaining about being sleepy. He had such a great time!
That was one happy boy...
I'll be interested to see if his love of Halloween continues this next year as much as it did before. Happy Halloween!

tutorials for Jamie's dragon costume -- for the hoodie (I added wings because without them he was indistinguishable from a dinosaur) and for the tail (I used felt for the spikes just because that's what I had used for the hoodie)


Jamie's first time writing his name. The "s" didn't work out so well but the rest was pretty great! Also- if he is going to spell or write his name, he will only use James.

Jamie was randomly cutting shapes off a piece of paper. When this was all that was left, he said to me, "This looks kind of like Missouri!" And he was totally right!!

We spent a hilarious afternoon mummifying each other...and Jamie's stuffed tiger.

One morning I told Jamie he had to get dressed before he could get out his Legos. He ran to find me a few minutes later, exclaiming, "I was so excited to do Legos I forgot to take off my pajamas!" And he pronounces it "eskited," which I find super cute.

Another morning, I came out to the kitchen and discovered this! I'm so glad he was only trying to get a banana. When did he get big enough to do this?? (Also, gotta love that hair.)