Friday, November 1, 2013


Jamie's first time writing his name. The "s" didn't work out so well but the rest was pretty great! Also- if he is going to spell or write his name, he will only use James.

Jamie was randomly cutting shapes off a piece of paper. When this was all that was left, he said to me, "This looks kind of like Missouri!" And he was totally right!!

We spent a hilarious afternoon mummifying each other...and Jamie's stuffed tiger.

One morning I told Jamie he had to get dressed before he could get out his Legos. He ran to find me a few minutes later, exclaiming, "I was so excited to do Legos I forgot to take off my pajamas!" And he pronounces it "eskited," which I find super cute.

Another morning, I came out to the kitchen and discovered this! I'm so glad he was only trying to get a banana. When did he get big enough to do this?? (Also, gotta love that hair.)

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