Monday, January 4, 2010

we're having a . . .

BOY! We had our big ultrasound this morning, and it looks as though we'll be having a son. The ultrasound was pretty amazing. We had a couple early on at our doctor's office, but the baby has grown so much and this time it was done at the hospital on a fancier ultrasound machine (or whatever you call it) so we could see a lot more detail than before. We got to see his heart beating, many of his organs, his spine, his arms and legs (at first his legs were bunched up, but towards the end he stretched them out and started kicking), and we also got to watch him have the hiccups. It was crazy to see how much he's moving around because I am only just beginning to be able to feel any of it. We're getting more and more excited! :)


  1. Name suggestions: Lakes, Streams, Seven... :)


  2. CONGRATULATIONS!! I guess I'll keep with the trend that all my predictions are wrong, including my own children.:) Ours are still both girls. I love to see the ultrasound and watch them move. These next few months are the best!

  3. way exciting!!! It was fun watching the ultrasound and seeing all that stuff. Oh and if I had to recommend a name I might say.....Drustin or any of it's varions....jk! :)