Thursday, April 22, 2010


Congrats to my brother Mark and his wife Sarah who have 2 new little girls as of last Friday!! Their names are Sarah Elena and Abigail Rebekah, and we wish so badly we could be there to hold them! They were each 7 pounds, despite being twins born 3 weeks early. Thomas was somewhere between 6 and 6 1/2 pounds when he was born, so I've been giving him grief about being so small even compared to twins. Also congrats to Miss Adriana, who is now a big sister. Living with only brothers after the age of 3, I can't even imagine what it will be like to have 3 girls that close in age growing up together, but I bet it will be lots of fun! Yay for babies :)
And while we're on the subject of babies, here is my latest belly picture, though it was taken a little over 2 weeks ago, at 32 weeks. I feel exceptionally small after seeing the last few maternity pictures of Sarah with the twins. I've got less than 6 weeks left and we're getting more excited all the time!


  1. Yeah, they are big twins alright! Adriana loves to talk about her "baby sisters", and frequently requests to hold the new babies. She also has two shirts now that say "big sister" on them.

  2. Also, congrats on being so close to having your own baby! I'm thinking I am like the stork, and if I plan a trip to Missouri a couple weeks before your due date the baby will arrive with worked with Sarah and Mark :)

  3. She is too cute! I am so jealous you get to be there to see the babies AND to see Adriana with the babies!
    If indeed you do have stork-like powers, don't plan any trips before the last week of May or so. I'm afraid I don't want him showing up quite as early as those girls did...and maybe you should have been an ob/gyn. That power would really come in handy there :)