Friday, June 10, 2011

a preview of the new apartment

We are not moving for 2 more weeks, but today we went to see our new apartment so we could start figuring out how we want to arrange our furniture and things. WE ARE SO EXCITED. We consider basically everything  about this apartment an improvement. I took some pictures -- they are not great, but here is an idea. I will put up better ones when we get moved in!

Obviously this is a terrible picture, but you can see our balcony/patio off the living room -- and the great view!

the living room from the other direction

the dining room (they aren't quite done cleaning/touching it up, which is why all that stuff is there) -- That door on the left is a nice big extra closet.

the kitchen -- some day I will have the big open kitchen I want, but not while we're living in apartments. Our washer and dryer will be in here too, to the right.

bathroom #1

our bedroom -- I LOVE the big windows! And they don't look out over a parking lot, they just look into some pine trees. It is going to be such a nice change!

our walk-in closet

bathroom #2, off of our bedroom

Jamie's room (there is a window on that wall to the right)

Jamie's closet (I get really excited about closet space, if you can't tell)

. . . and the third bedroom, which will be our study!!

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  1. woohoo I'm excited just looking at the pictures!!