Friday, September 9, 2011

we love FALL

I love fall.

I love crunchy leaves, wearing sweaters, not running the AC anymore, making soup and chili for dinner, eating pumpkin bread (really, pumpkin everything!), burrowing under warm blankets on crisp nights, and of course celebrating my birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and starting the Christmas season. So a year ago, our first September in Knoxville, I was really disappointed. The high stayed in the 90s for over half the month, and it was hot on my birthday. We didn't get very fall-like weather until close to Thanksgiving. Super lame.

But not this year! Thanks to Tropical Storm Lee, we went from a record high of 98 degrees on Saturday, to a high of about 68 on Monday. We had heavy rain all day on Monday, and all week it has been cloudy and the high has been hovering around 70 degrees. I have been in HEAVEN. I know this isn't going to last (in fact, the high tomorrow is back in the 80s), so I have tried to make the most of it. This week we have had both chili and potato soup for dinner, and I have baked 2 loaves of pumpkin bread, homemade french bread, and a loaf of banana bread. Jamie and I have gone out to play and enjoyed the weather every day except for that crazy rainy day. Actually, that's no different from normal, but the weather has made it even more pleasant.
Jamie out enjoying the weather

I just hope it doesn't get too hot again before we have fall for good. I definitely want to end up living somewhere with seasons!

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  1. i COMPLETELY agree- i love fall. But it is WAY too short here, we don't get fall until halloween and then it hits dead cold two weeks later. I would love to eventually end up somewhere with more even seasons! Jamie looks like a little cute boy now! love his hair