Monday, March 18, 2013

more fun with the cousins

This weekend, while Thomas was at a conference in New Orleans, Jamie and I headed down to Atlanta once again. As Christine's baby blessing was on Sunday, Uncle Nate came too, and we all had a lot of fun. The weather was perfect, so Jamie, Adriana, Abigail, and Elena spent a lot of time playing in the backyard together, and on Saturday we all went to the Atlanta Botanical Garden. With temperatures in the 70s and all the beautiful flowers blooming, it finally felt like spring!
picnic lunch
The kids loved the children's area, particularly the little stage there. They used it to perform Jack and the Beanstalk (for the 3rd time that weekend!).
Jack (Jamie) hugs his mother (Elena) goodbye.
Jack meets a mysterious man (Adriana) while taking his cow (Abigail) to market.


Sunday was Christine's blessing (and also St. Patrick's day). She did a great job and looked so sweet. Jamie was perfect in sacrament meeting but then had a meltdown in nursery, which was exactly the opposite of what I expected. He thankfully calmed down as soon as I came to get him, but shortly thereafter we found out that Mark's car had a flat tire... Quite the eventful day at church! 
Sweet baby Christine. Sarah's mom made her dress.

love this one!

After church, the kiddos decorated cookies before Jamie and I headed home. Adriana made a great leprechaun for St. Patrick's day.
Another fun weekend! Oh--and Jamie had zero accidents during these 4 days away from home. I am so impressed with his potty training!

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  1. These are great pictures. I especially like the one with the frog.