Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Before I get to our Thanksgiving activities, here are a few random pictures from earlier in November...
This happened in the approximately 2 seconds I had my back turned.
Jamie giving a conference presentation on puzzles.
We bought a new glider and Jamie played with the box for a couple of weeks! It was a wigwam and the Mayflower and every kind of store you can think of, he decorated it, he nailed and screwed holes in it with his tool set... 
The last time we were home for Thanksgiving, I was pregnant with Jamie. Tennessee only gets Thursday and Friday off of school, so that makes it hard to travel. But this year, since Thomas no longer has classes and also because my parents will be moving in a few months and we'll no longer have all the grandparents in one place, we decided to head to Missouri for Thanksgiving. We had a great trip! Jamie had a fabulous time with his grandparents. His favorite activities of the week were doing all kinds of artsy things with Grammy, working with Grandpa and his tools, helping bake pies, reading about the Smurfs in French, and generally just running around and making mischief. The week went by too fast, but we'll be headed back to Missouri in just over a week!
Jamie loved watching the new mailbox get put in.
breakfast with my friend April
making a birdhouse with Grandpa
playing with Uncle Johnny
filing wood with Grandpa
dinner #1
the boys post-dinner
...and dinner #2!
Jamie "helping" Zoe with her puzzle. He had a great time playing with all the Draper kids!
hiding with Grammy and Papy
and one more shot with Uncle Johnny
We had so much fun and we're looking forward to seeing everyone again (and everyone we didn't get to see!) soon!


  1. Love Johnny's face in Dinner #1 photo. Ha!

    Sorry for all the travel while pregnant. That's no fun.

    Where are your parents moving to?

  2. They are moving to Utah. My dad retired last year and they just bought a house in Saratoga Springs. I am bummed bc they'll be farther away and we've been so spoiled having all 4 grandparents in one place.

  3. I love your haircut! Looks like a fun trip.