Sunday, June 7, 2015

extra pictures

Pictures from the last month or so that didn't make it on to any other posts...

Jacob really enjoys crawling under his crib even though there is hardly enough room for him. Not the greatest picture of it, but I wanted to be sure and capture it.
Jacob eating oatmeal is a messy time.
silly boy got a hold of a marker
My attempts to take a picture of them in their matching shirts devolved into chaos. As usual. (they did not start out on top of the table)
I found Jamie playing in his room with the dinosaurs all set up like this. I don't know what he was playing exactly, but it sure was cute.
Jacob's new favorite thing to do is climb onto the dresser. I can't take my eyes off him for one second.
playing dress-up! love this :)
Jamie started swimming lessons last week. He's unfortunately always the class clown. However, his comfort level in the water has skyrocketed in just one week. The difference is amazing.
Pictures do not do this justice, but one night we had a sudden crazy storm and afterwards the most vivid, amazing rainbow I've ever seen. It was a brilliant double rainbow, and we could see the whole arc. It was amazing. I actually got Jamie up out of bed to come see it, and we sat on the balcony together looking at it until it was gone.
Jamie requested that we go bowling, so we did. The last time we went I think he was not quite 3. We had so much fun! And can I just say, I love bowling with kids because you get to use the bumpers. :)
Jacob's favorite part, ha ha :)


  1. I've just look at your summer. So fun!! Lots of great adventures. I can't believe how big the boys are getting, especially Jacob. His hair is so cute. I love Jamie's birthday cake. Wow!!