Monday, July 27, 2015

a day in the river

When we went to the Smokies a couple weeks ago, we had so much fun wading in the river there that we decided to make a day of it. On Saturday we drove to the Obed Wild and Scenic River, about an hour away, and spent the day playing in the river there. The area we went to had a great swimming hole with picnic tables and grills nearby. We made burgers for lunch and had a fantastic afternoon in the water. The only downside was that Jacob got pretty fussy and lost interest about the time he usually takes a nap. The rest of us probably could have stayed longer, but that's all right. It was a great day.

Jacob's very, very favorite thing to do here was throw rocks in the water.
We didn't know about this ahead of time, but while we were there a park ranger showed up and led some activities about finding different invertebrates in the water. Jamie loved it.
This old bridge spanned the area of the river where we were. It is still open for pedestrians so we went up and walked across it. There were some great views, but the camera stopped working around that time, so no pictures.
Some of the other people there had a paddle board and very generously offered to let us try it. Thomas and I each spent a little while using it, which was really fun!

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