Tuesday, August 25, 2015

the zoo

Three years ago when I was working on my master's thesis (how has it been that long???) Thomas started taking Jamie to the zoo on weekends so I'd have uninterrupted time to work. It became a tradition for them that lasted long after my thesis was completed. Many of their best times together were spent at the zoo. Two weeks ago Jamie started a science class at the zoo on Tuesday mornings, and consequently Tuesdays have become the new zoo day.

The first half of the pictures are from Jamie and Thomas's last Sunday morning at the zoo, and the second set are from Jamie's first day of his zoo class. He has loved the class so far, and Jacob and I have enjoyed our one-on-one playtime and animal viewing!

George the gibbon
One of Jamie's favorite things to do at the zoo is watch the cages get cleaned out. It's super hard to drag him away from it.

First day of Jamie's class - we got there as soon as the zoo opened and had time to do a little bit before class started. It was Jacob's 3rd time to the zoo but his first time actually enjoying it.
Jamie's class is in the basement of this cabin.

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  1. that's great, looks like a good time for all :)