Monday, December 7, 2015

my boys

Jacob has been saying more and more words in the last couple weeks and we've gotten to the point where I can't keep track of all the words he can say anymore. A month ago he was saying 20-30 words and now he has said probably around 100. His favorite things to say right now are "uh-oh," "poop" (thanks to Jamie!), "no no, Mama" (or Dada), "help," and he loves to tell me when things turn on and off. He's started putting a couple words together, such as "please help" or "go down." This is a little video I took of him last week (he calls Elmo "Bah-bah").

I have been doing phonics lessons with Jamie since about May or June. I got this lesson manual, which I have mostly liked, and we've spent 10-15 minutes a day on it (less now because he's gotten much faster!). We're not quite finished with it but we will be by the end of the month. He is sounding out every word he sees and can read short, simple books on his own (Hop on Pop, Go Dog Go, all the Biscuit books, etc). He let me take this video of him reading a Frog and Toad story. He's talking pretty quietly in it, and I have to apologize for it getting a little wonky towards the end. The oven timer started ringing and I thought we'd pause, but then it was clear he was just going to keep going. Anyway, here's my reader!

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