Saturday, March 5, 2016

weekend in Atlanta

My brother Benj recently had jaw surgery and had some time off of work. During that time he found some absurdly cheap plane tickets to Atlanta, so he flew out to visit Mark & Sarah, and we headed down to see everyone too! It also happened to coincide with Christine's 3rd birthday, so we got to join the celebration. Sarah was pregnant with Christine when they first moved to Atlanta, so we have really gotten to watch her grow up. She's such a cute, sweet girl! It was so fun to celebrate her birthday and to spend time with family that weekend!

The weekend started off with Christine's super cute Snow White-themed birthday party.
birthday girl!
Thomas's favorite activity at Mark & Sarah's
Benj & Savannah
It was a beautiful weekend, so there was a lot of outdoor playtime.
lots of baby time too!
We couldn't find Jacob's pajamas one night, so he got to borrow Christine's. Even though she is 14 months older than he is, they are about the same size. :)
Jacob & Uncle Benj. . .and Jacob is actually wearing Christine's pants here too, ha ha! The ones we took for him to wear to church turned out to be too big. It's nice to be able to borrow your cousin's clothes! ;)

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