Tuesday, April 21, 2009

new car

About a week ago, Thomas and I purchased our first car! Neither of us have ever owned a vehicle before, so we are really excited to have one and not have to bum rides off of people anymore. It's a 2005 Chevy Malibu, and even though the color was not my first choice, we are really happy with it. It is in really good shape, and we got a pretty good deal.

My friend April's birthday was a few weeks ago, and she decided she wanted to have an 80s themed party. We had a lot of fun dressing up for it...80s styles fascinate me. You can't see it in the picture, but I was also wearing my sweet pink high top Chucks and black leg warmers.
On Easter, we found that the Easter Bunny (aka Thomas's mom) had left us a surprise outside our door!
We had Easter dinner with Thomas's family and family friends and then had dinner with my family the following day. Both evenings were enjoyable, and we were especially grateful for a day off of school (which we spent car shopping).
Thomas spent the latter part of last week in Wisconsin at NCUR (the National Conference of Undergraduate Research). He is obviously not an undergrad, but he presented a paper from an undergraduate class. About 50 Truman students presented at the conference, so they all drove up together. Truman paid for travel, hotel, and food, which is nice (Thomas really likes going to conferences, but sometimes they can get pricy). He had a really good time.
We only have a week and a half left of school (not counting finals...but neither of us really have finals anymore, just papers). I'm so excited for this school year to be over. It's been a really long one. I've only got one year left til I finish my master's and then I'm done forever! My summer plans include working a lot (though I'm not sure where yet), beginning to work on my master's thesis, and trying to get back into shape. Thomas will be spending 7 weeks at Notre Dame taking an intensive Greek class. I am sure going to miss him, but it will make him more attractive to PhD programs, which he'll be applying to in the fall. Right now we're just hoping to survive the end of the semester and all of the work and grading that come along with it!


  1. the easter bunny visited me too...twice! Nice 80's outfit.

  2. Congrats on the car!!!! That must be so nice to have your own wheels. I also love the 80s outfit! Good luck with the rest of finals if you're not done yet! Maybe you should come visit us this summer while Thomas is gone. It would be fun!