Thursday, April 2, 2009

our apartment

We moved to our current apartment in August, and we love it! It was quite an upgrade from the apartment we lived in when we first got married, which was basically a glorified dorm room (at least size-wise). Our only complaints are the lack of dishwasher and washer/dryer in the apartment, and it could use a little more storage, but other than that it's great, and our rent couldn't be better. I thought I'd give everyone a little tour:

living room

view from the other side

dining area
kitchen (with all of our awesome appliances we got for the wedding)
hallway through kitchen to bathroom/bedroom
bathroom--pretty basic
bedroom (please ignore the unmade bed...but do take note of our sweet closets, both of which are twice as big as the one that we had before)
more views
There you have it! In other news...there isn't much to report. Just school and...more school. But only 1 month left before summer break!
Thomas being ridiculous on St. Patrick's Day :)


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this tour. I am jealous. I don't have a couch or a kitchen table. Still working on it.

  2. So THAT's the tv where you watched all of Seinfeld in the month of October! Nice going. I was the living room photo was high resolution so I could enlarge it and read all of your movie titles. :)

  3. I totally hear you on the dishwasher thing. We have been married 3 years and lived in 3 apartments, and we have NEVER had a dishwasher! You don't know how great it is until you don't have it.... :)

  4. I love your apartment. You have it fixed up so cute too! I'll have to come see it in person next time we're there. I wish we lived closer to you guys too. Adriana would love a great aunt and uncle around. =) Hope all is well, good luck with finals. Thomas, maybe you should wear the beads to all your exams for good luck! J/K

  5. Aww, fer cute! : ) Makes ya want to be a newlywed again. . .

  6. I've gained so much perspective on this post after today. Not to mention I read all your movie titles as I'd previously wished I could.