Friday, February 26, 2010

"nursery" pictures

As I mentioned in my last post, the baby will be sharing our room until we move in August, and we've been busy transforming it into a partial nursery. I am pretty pleased with the result. You can check out how it was arranged before here.

The crib:

close-up of the pattern on the bumper pad and comforter (although I just realized this picture is sideways...oh well):

The pictures above the crib are from a calendar I had a few years ago, featuring my favorite book, The Little Prince. It's perfect because the book was originally in French, and the pictures all have a quote from the book in both French and English. Plus they're pretty darn cute. This is my favorite:

Rocking chair and bookcase:

Dresser/changing table:

We also have his name on the wall above the crib; however, we are not really telling anyone his name til he's born (not that it's anything unique, it's just kind of fun to have something that only we know), but here is one of the letters:

I can't wait til we have the baby and can actually put all of this to use...only 3 months to go!

On an unrelated note, though we haven't heard from all the schools yet, Thomas has been accepted to his top 2 schools for his PhD (University of Kentucky and University of Tennessee)! We also haven't heard about funding yet, which is what will really be the determining factor, but he seems to be a good candidate for an assistantship at both schools. Tennessee is even paying to fly him out for their visit day, so they must really like him! I'll be glad when we know where we're going.

For Valentine's Day, we went out to dinner at the Pear Tree, which is a fabulous restaurant about 30 or 40 miles away from Kirksville. While we were there, some random guy recognized Thomas from a play that he was in almost a year and a half ago and complimented him on what a good actor he is. I feel like I'm married to a celebrity!

Yesterday we celebrated my little brother Johnny's 22nd birthday. We made homemade pizza and my brother Benj made a cake. It was pretty fun. Happy birthday Johnny!

Finally, here is the latest belly picture, though it's a couple of weeks old - 24 weeks. Any time I feel like I'm getting big, I just compare myself to my sister-in-law Sarah, who is having twins who are due 3 weeks before our baby :)


  1. That E is a dead giveaway, I can't believe you put that.

    But nice baby setup, very neat and in good time!

  2. I love the nursery! I think you need to come do ours. I love everything you picked out. He will be a prince... and that's probably the name you have picked out since there is an E in it! :) I like your belly picture and no, you are not big. Just be grateful that your belly will never reach the size of mine! You look great!