Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jamie update!

As of yesterday, Jamie is 8 months old!

And since it's been a while since I did an update, here he is at at 6 months:

and 7 months:
So much has changed since I last wrote a Jamie post. For one thing, he is crazy mobile now. Right around 6 months, he started sitting up unsupported. He was quite wobbily at first, but within a couple weeks he was pretty steady. He had been pushing up on his hands and knees for quite a while, and while we were home over Christmas, he started kind of inching his way forward by pushing up, scooting his knees forward, and flopping on his belly. Right after we got home from Christmas, a few days before he turned 7 months, he started full on crawling and was a pro shortly thereafter!
And it seemed like the minute he started crawling he started pulling himself up on everything in sight.
One of his favorite places to pull up is on bookcases, and he LOVES pulling books off the shelf.

On Christmas Eve, Jamie had his first taste of solid foods. We started with sweet potatoes. He did okay with them that day... but this picture gives a pretty good indication of how it's been going since:
He doesn't like purees, and he basically won't eat anything that he can't put in his mouth himself. We use the fresh feeder a lot, and I keep trying with cereal and purees, but I never get more than one bite in. I'll be glad when we can try more finger foods. Also, he will not under any circumstances drink from a sippy cup...but he LOVES drinking from a regular cup (with help obviously). Of course, I don't know how much he's actually swallowing; I think most of it just ends up down his front.

On the day he turned 6 months, Jamie cut his third tooth. Within about 2 weeks, he cut 3 more. They are ridiculously sharp, and in the past couple weeks he has become a biter. Fortunately not so much while he's nursing (we did have an issue with that for a couple of days in December, but I think I managed to teach him that if he was going to bite, he wasn't going to be eating), but he likes to bite everything else. Particularly my forearms and shoulders. I'm guessing he's teething again, but I can't feel any new teeth yet.

Jamie babbles and shrieks and squawks all the time; it is too cute! He also has started clapping in the past few weeks and I can't get enough of it. He loves to play peek-a-boo and to look in the mirror. Since it's been nice out recently, we've been playing at the park a lot. He enjoys the baby swings, and I am kept busy trying to keep him from eating dead leaves and grass.

some miscellaneous pictures of our cutie:


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