Friday, February 4, 2011


I am afraid I have been woefully negligent of updating this blog in the past few months. I am slowly but surely going to get it up-to-date, but that means the next few posts will be a little old.

For some reason, I never posted anything from our trip to a corn maze in early November. We had a lot of fun, but the most memorable part of the trip was definitely when we got back to the car afterwards and Thomas reached into his pocket to pull out the car keys. . .and they WEREN'T THERE. That's right, they were lost somewhere in the maze. It's hard to think of a worse place to lose your keys. We were EXTREMELY lucky because we found them unbelievably quickly. Next time we will be a little more careful! It's really hard to get a good picture of all three of us when there's no one else to take it. We did not succeed that day, but I thought this picture was funny because of Jamie's little eyes peeking over the bottom edge.

Unfortunately, UT only gets Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving break, so we couldn't go home, but since Truman gets the whole week, Thomas's parents came for a visit the weekend before. It was nice to see them, and they were thrilled to get to play with Jamie. They also spoiled us rotten by taking us out to eat and taking us grocery shopping for our Thanksgiving dinner ingredients.
I have always helped out a lot with Thanksgiving dinner at home, but I had never before made the entire meal by myself. It's a lot of work! It was even more work than normal because I was making a dairy-free Thanksgiving. When Jamie was a couple months old, I realized that every time I ate a lot of dairy, he would get extremely fussy when he nursed. So I stopped eating dairy in August. It didn't make a huge difference for most of the meal, but I had to make homemade non-dairy cream of mushroom soup for the green bean casserole, which was definitely a lot more work than opening a can! I also learned from my pumpkin pies that soy milk is way better for baking than rice milk. Anyway, we had a really nice meal with enough food to feed us for the entire 4 day weekend, and we got to use some of the really nice dishes we got for our wedding for the first time.

And we were able to get a picture of all 3 of us with the camera's timer. Too bad Jamie wouldn't look at the camera no matter how many times we tried.

After Thanksgiving is over, it is officially Christmastime! Jamie got to see Santa at a craft fair we went to. I didn't know how he'd react--or if he'd react at all...he often looks quite stoic in public--but he turned and looked at Santa and tried to grab his beard. It was super cute.

We put up our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. It's a good thing Jamie wasn't crawling yet then, or I'm pretty sure he would have tried to climb it and eat all the ornaments. Can't wait to see what he does with it next year....


  1. Maybe if you set your camera to make a bird sound that sounds like a dog howling at the end of the timer, then Jamie might look. :) That's what mine does. Good pics!

  2. I seriously think Jamie has the cutest smile-