Tuesday, July 5, 2011

a visit from Auntie Em

I mentioned last time that Thomas's sister Emily was visiting. She spent the past semester studying abroad in South Korea and came to visit us almost as soon as she was back. We loved having her and I hope she had a good time! We didn't really do much of anything special during her stay, but that was okay because the biggest draw for her was getting to spend time with Mr. James. We of course went to the park a couple of times and also went to the Ijams Nature Center, which we'd never been to, and to the zoo. Our friend Brian arrived a day or so before she left (we are feeling very popular this month. Tons of visitors), so he went to the zoo with us too! Mostly, though, we just spent our time playing at home and hanging out. Jamie, as usual, was super cute and friendly, showing off his walking and signing skills and playing peek-a-boo like it was going out of style.

I didn't get too many pictures (I completely forgot my camera when we went to Ijams...oops), but I did get a few cute ones.
being cute at the park
petting a doggy! Jamie LOVES seeing dogs.
stroller peek-a-boo with Aunt Emily
making a break for it
Emily and a giant tortoise at the zoo
Emily was forced into this. I think you can tell.
all of us at the zoo


  1. Super cute! looks like lots of fun!

  2. I hope peek-a-boo never goes out of style. It looks like an elephant is standing behind the elephant cut-out on the second-to-last picture.