Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How We Spent Our Summer Vacation

UT started school today, so summer break is officially over. (Though Jamie and I are actually heading to Kirksville tomorrow, and Thomas leaves for Bulgaria on Saturday . . . so we're sneaking in a little extra vacation time.) We really had a great summer. I've already written all about our trips to Missouri and Utah, Jamie's birthday, moving to a new place, and all the visitors we had. But most of our time was not spent in such exciting endeavors. Thomas was in school (he took classes in Latin and German), and he was very busy with homework, particularly for German. I divided most of my time between hanging out at home and taking Jamie to the park, the pool, or the mall play area on rainy days. I tried a variety of new recipes, some of which were keepers (like strawberry freezer jamwhole wheat blender pancakes, and beef tacos with homemade seasoning and taco shells -- yum!) and others which were not (like a new tuna casserole recipe -- I don't like tuna. Thomas barely tolerates it. What possessed me to try this recipe??). Jamie had a very busy summer, turning one, learning to walk, and learning to say a few words (mostly just momma and dada, though). Thomas's summer classes ended last Tuesday, so we got a week to spend as a family. We tried to make the most of it by:

Going to the park
how Jamie spent most of his summer
Going to the zoo, where Jamie got to meet a red panda :)
Going swimming
Going to the park some more (seriously I spent half of my summer at the park)
and going bowling (Jamie's first time : He LOVED it!)

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