Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween festivities

Last year, Jamie wore his Halloween costume for a couple hours, we took several pictures, and that was the extent of our Halloween activities. This year, we did so much more! We went to a Halloween themed story time, a community Halloween event, Boo at the Zoo, and a corn maze, and we made Jack-o-lanterns and roasted the seeds. We had such a fun weekend!

Jamie was a Jedi. I made his costume, and for those of you unfamiliar with Star Wars, this is basically what I was going for:
Here is our little Jedi:

We go to story time at the library every Friday morning, and this past week, all the kids dressed up.
On Friday evening, we went to a community Halloween event. Jamie's favorites were the golf and the bean bag toss.
We let Jamie have some candy for the first time ever. He loved it (and drooled like mad with this dum-dum).
Jack-o-lanterns! So much more fun with a 1 year old! He loved helping pull out the seeds.
Jamie drew a "face" on his
We also went to Boo at the Zoo.
They had tons of different characters dressed up everywhere, including from Star Wars! It was so perfect.
At the corn maze we went to, we went on a hay ride to a pumpkin patch (didn't get pumpkins this time), went through the maze, and played on their slides and sandpit, etc. Jamie was so cute in the maze, darting down each path and directing where we should go. What a fun afternoon.
On Halloween itself, Jamie wore his costume to the park.
Jamie's new favorite activity. He is throwing
rocks in the creek.
We had our traditional chili and cornbread for dinner, and Thomas and I watched Psycho after Jamie went to bed. We would've given out candy if we had had any trick-or-treaters. We've never had any! You'd think apartments would be good for trick-or-treating, being so close together. Oh well. Otherwise it was a great Halloween!

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