Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Break part 2

We loved getting to see my brothers and sisters-in-law over Christmas! We only get to see most of them once or (if we're lucky) twice a year. It is especially fun now because Jamie gets to play with his cousins!
(and of course with Grandpa too)
We always acted out the Nativity on Christmas Eve growing up, so this year we had the kiddos do it. It was pretty hilarious because 3 of the 4 kids are about 1 1/2 and had no clue what they were doing. Additionally, Mary and Baby Jesus were played by twins. Pretty great stuff.
Jamie played Joseph
Abigail as Mary
Elena as Baby Jesus
Adriana as the Angel
Mary and Joseph ride the donkey
Jamie actually sat still through the whole thing because he spent the ENTIRE time playing with Mr. Potato Head.

After we woke up on Christmas morning, we checked out what Santa brought at my house.
Then we went over to Thomas's house to open presents there. Thomas really enjoys waking Emily up by throwing Jamie on top of her. It has become a Christmas tradition.
Then we headed back to my house to open presents there. Jamie continued playing with Mr. Potato Head.
After Jamie's nap there was even more back-and-forth between the two houses. The day ended with our traditional pizza dinner, although I think Jamie just had leftover turkey. He did enjoy spreading out the dough with Grandma. Our main gift from Christmas was our new table and chairs but you couldn't really tell that based on how many other presents we got! We feel very spoiled and had such a fun Christmas. We feel lucky to have both families in the same town so we don't have to choose who to spend the day with!

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  1. That is pretty handy having the inlaws in the same town...maybe if Mom and Dad move somewhere I can accomplish that too