Thursday, January 12, 2012

funny boy

I bought a potty for Jamie. No, I'm not going to try potty training any time soon, probably not for a year, but I knew we'd need one eventually and I wanted him to be used to it when we do get to that point. Plus this one was pretty cheap, cute, and had good reviews. I put it in our bathroom today, and he was so excited to have his own potty. He sat right down and grabbed a magazine (this picture was not posed!).
And of course his rabbit had to have a turn . . .
Tonight when I was putting him to bed, he pulled out his pacifier, looked up at me, and said "potty." Apparently it made a big impression.

He has been such a funny boy lately. Here are some other recent stories: 

I mentioned this on facebook but those of you not on there might appreciate it too. Jamie has really been into tickling lately. He tries to tickle everything . . . his stuffed animals, books, the washing machine, you name it. 

The other night we were looking at a world map together, and I asked Jamie where he'd like to go. He pointed at Australia, and I asked him why. He said "baby." Who knew the Australian babies were such a big draw?

He has been talking up a storm recently! In the past few weeks, he has started saying EVERYTHING. He will try to repeat anything we say. It is amazing how quickly it all happened! A couple nights ago Thomas was eating something and Jamie came up to him and said "more more please food." And at dinner a day or two ago he said "too hot." That time I think he was just repeating what we had said but it has been really neat to hear him putting more than one word together.

Jamie really doesn't like potatoes. He'll eat some mashed potatoes but pretty much won't touch them otherwise. Tonight for dinner we had baked potatoes, but he wouldn't try them. Instead his dinner consisted entirely of broccoli. That's right, my 19-month-old chose to eat nothing but broccoli for dinner. How did I get so lucky?

We love this boy so much!

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  1. (Annie's mom)

    So where did Jamie get the idea of reading a magazine there? :) It is so adorable to see him, and his rabbit, on his potty! And reading the magazine! :)