Saturday, February 4, 2012

recent projects

I have always wanted to learn to sew. I took home ec in junior high and made some pillows and an apron, but I haven't done much since then at all. A couple years ago, Thomas and Emily got me a sewing machine for my birthday and I intended to start using it right away. But then less than a week later I found out I was pregnant, and that combined with school kind of pushed the whole learning-to-sew project to the side. Then Jamie came along and spent most of his first year napping horribly, meaning I had little time to myself. Finally, though, when Jamie went down to one nap this past summer, he started consistently napping well, and I have found myself with some me-time each day. Hooray! Obviously I use that time to clean and prep food for dinner and read (and update the blog, like I am right now), and I have also found time to start teaching myself to sew.

I already posted pictures of a couple projects I've worked on in the last few months:
Jamie's Jedi Halloween costume
Jamie's Christmas stocking
I also made Jamie a fleece sleepsack. His room is the coldest in the apartment, and it is very tricky to keep blankets on him. He already had a Halo sleepsack, but it is very thin and and wasn't going to do much to keep him warm. I found a fleece one online, but it cost about $25, not including shipping. I made this one for about $8. I had no pattern, I just traced around the sleepsack he already had. It was my first time sewing in a zipper and it was particularly tricky, as I was putting in an upside-down separating zipper in a garment that wasn't going to separate the whole way. It is far from perfect, but it works!
I made several Christmas gifts as well. Using this tutorial, I made quilted rag letters for Jamie, his cousins, and some friends. 
Pinterest gave me lots of good ideas (probably too many) for gifts I could make myself. That's where I stumbled upon these monogrammed ornaments. I made sets of them for several families. These particular ones were for my brother Hyrum's family.
For most of Thomas's professors and friends, I made treats (almond poppyseed bread, pretzel turtles, homemade marshmallows . . . YUM), but one lady was pregnant and had gestational diabetes, so instead I made her a few burp cloths. Again I found the tutorial on Pinterest. The only hard thing about these was trying to find general neutral fabric. I made them out of flannel. So easy and so soft and snuggly! Too bad they'll soon smell of sour milk :)
I made several gifts for Thomas's sister Emily, but for some reason I only took a picture of this ear warmer (yes I think I may be addicted to Pinterest).
I also made her a going away present as she heads off to Korea (in just a couple weeks!!). This is a travel organizer with pockets for passport, boarding pass, etc. The zippers were a little tricky. I really love how it turned out, especially the contrasting fabric as the pocket lining.
And finally (for those of you who made it all the way to the end), I just recently designed and made these file pocket holder things to hold art supplies next to Jamie's little table. I used some interfacing to make them a bit sturdier. I'm very pleased with how they turned out!


  1. umm MAKE ME SOMETHING! you are wonderful at sewing-love the rag letters

  2. WOW! You are amazing. And the zipper is tricky stuff. way to go. They are all such cute things. I love the things you made for us for Christmas. I feel so lucky to be a recipient of your work. The girls love the letters. Keep sharing your projects, it's fun to see what you are working on.

  3. (by Annie's mom)

    You are amazing, Annie, with your desire and motivation to create these fun things by sewing - they are all so fun and look great, and it's very nice that you enjoyed making so many things for others, and also (at least in the case of the sleepsack) saved money! (I didn't know you'd made the sleepsack, it looked professional to me!). Great job!