Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mary and Jim's wedding

We just got back from New Orleans, where we spent a fun weekend celebrating our friends Mary and Jim's wedding. Jamie was the ring bearer in the wedding, and he was so stinking cute.
We drove down on Thursday and had a pretty good drive, right around 9 hours. Jamie's really quite a good traveler. He is set as long he's got some toys, his "silly songs," and Mommy in the backseat with a stack of books.

Friday morning we spent at the Aquarium. Jamie would probably enjoy something like that more in a couple years, but he still seemed to have a lot of fun, especially watching the sea otter! In the afternoon we had the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. I had talked to Jamie a lot about being the ring bearer, and whenever we asked "Jamie,what does the ring bearer do?" he'd reply, "walk down aisle."
Jamie and Thomas at the Aquarium
Jamie at the rehearsal
We took Jamie to Audubon Park on Saturday morning and went on a nice long walk, stopping along the way at some playgrounds. I couldn't believe how much Jamie actually walked! Ran, really. That kid sure has energy!
In the afternoon, it was time for the wedding! Jamie was holding the actual rings so thank goodness he wasn't walking by himself. He walked in with the best man and did a really good job being small and cute, which, let's be honest, is really the main duty of the ring bearer :) During the ceremony, we gave him his paci, his rabbit, and some stickers, and he sat quietly covering me in stickers through the whole thing (this was not entirely expected but greatly appreciated! The being quiet part, that is).
with Daddy before the ceremony
Afterwards he was in some cute pictures with the rest of the wedding party.
Jamie LOVES Mary 
We had a lot of fun at the reception, Jamie especially I think. He got to meet new people and dance with his all his new friends. And eat cake.
dancing with the bride
failing to catch the garter
sleepy baby. All that partying wore him out!
 I've never seen a baby as friendly and outgoing as Jamie is. He completely charmed everyone he met, and so many people complimented us on how well behaved he was. Now that is not to say that he always is! Believe me. But he was definitely in his element. Thomas got to see a lot of friends from Tulane, including people he wasn't expecting to see. Other than having to get to Jamie to sleep in a hotel room [wow did that stink! He had such a hard time going to sleep when we were in the same room. ugh!] we had a fun trip. 

Oh, and I made Jamie's tie! hooray for pinterest.


  1. Annie- I LOVE the picture of Jamie with all the groomsmen! Can you email me a full-size version?


  2. Looking cute. That's a pretty awesome little suit he wore, and looks like he had a rockin' good time.