Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Sorry we've been AWOL for a while. Our desktop died sometime in March so we only had Thomas's netbook. Made it hard to do much blogging, seeing how he takes it with him to school every day, but we have a new desktop now and lots to catch up on, so we're good to go!

Easter was particularly fun this year since Thomas's parents came for the long weekend. Plus Jamie was able to get into the activities more now that he's a little older!

Jamie with his Easter basket. He got stickers, sidewalk chalk,
bubbles, and fruit leather.
Easter eggs. Jamie didn't help with the actual dying but he got to put stickers on them.
And eat them. That was his favorite part.
Jamie covered Grammy and Papy in stickers!
Easter egg hunt
The eggs were empty :) But he didn't care. He just had fun finding them.
We all went to the zoo the next day, Grammy and Papy's first time there. Lots of fun!
We all felt very spoiled by the end of the visit. Jamie is lucky to have such generous grandparents. He has been talking about them a lot ever since!

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  1. pretty cool he can be excited about easter eggs with no candy