Friday, October 19, 2012

fall break

Truman's and UT's fall breaks coincided this year, which was perfect because Grammy and Papy came to Knoxville for the weekend. We had so much fun seeing them, Jamie especially! He was extra excited this time because he got to "drive" Papy's new car...
He wanted to "go in the driver's seat" every time we went anywhere.

We spent the first afternoon in downtown Knoxville, and we took the opportunity of having visitors to go up in the Sunsphere, the symbol of the World's Fair held in Knoxville. Thomas and I had never gone up before. The only group pictures were on other cameras, so I only have one of me and Thomas. Jamie spent the whole time running in circles, trying to figure out how to get out, so that was pretty funny.
 Afterwards, Jamie and Grammy and I walked down to the downtown library, which has a fabulous children's room. Jamie had a lot of fun playing, doing puzzles, and reading stories.
Then we met up with the boys for dinner at the Tomato Head on Market Square. So, so yummy! I love eating outside on Market Square too. It has a great atmosphere.
We finished the night playing possibly my favorite board game ever and eating gelato. It was SUCH a fun day.
The next afternoon we went to the Cruze Farm Corn Maze. I think in terms of the actual corn maze, the Oakes Farm where we've gone the last two years is better, but they had a ton of activities for Jamie here! He had a blast running from one to another the whole time. I think his favorites were churning butter and of course "driving" the big tractor.
We ate dinner there too, burgers and cornbread and beans and of course ice cream! Their pumpkin ice cream is to die for.
 I think this was Jamie's first time having his own individual cone. He LOVED it and made the biggest mess.
If you can't tell, in that last one, he's holding on to the ice cream and trying to lick it as it melts and dribbles down his arm. Silly, silly boy.

As always, we loved having our guests! It was one of our best weekends ever.

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