Sunday, February 3, 2013

pictures from my phone

When I don't have my camera with me, I'll sometimes use my phone to take pictures. But since I don't have a smart phone, that generally means the pictures (which aren't very good quality in the first place) just sit on my phone forever until I bother to upload them to the computer. Well, today was the day I finally did that. So here are a whole bunch of pictures of Jamie and his cuteness that have hiding away on my phone. The oldest are from a year or more ago, the most recent from just a week ago. Warning: there are a LOT of pictures here!
hiking in the Smokies

reading to panda
sharing a muffin at the farmer's market

Uncle Matt's visit!
story time! Jamie is in orange. 

I needed to chop up some vegetables for dinner, but Jamie sometimes has a
hard time entertaining himself. He'd rather help :)

"helping" with the laundry

making a fire!

They had a wonderful special musical storytime at the library a few months ago, and
afterwards the kids got to try out the instruments.
Jamie's first meal at McDonald's, ha ha. We stopped there on our way home after Christmas just
because of the play area. Only the milk is actually from there :)

Peter has a mommy now (one of my stuffed animals from when I was little--we
brought her back after Christmas) and she takes very good care of him.

"I am being Grandpa!"

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