Tuesday, April 16, 2013

safari zoo

We spent Saturday morning at the Circle G Ranch driving through their Safari Adventure. Basically they have a ton of animals roaming around and you simply drive through their ranch and the animals come right up to your car. It was an amazing, hilarious experience. We purchased food pellets to attract them to the car, and the animals all just swarmed us whenever we dropped one. Not only did they come up to the car, but some of them (namely, the llamas, emus, and zebras) did their absolute best to get as far INTO the car as possible to steal the rest of the food!  Every time they did so, Jamie would start giggling madly. At the end of the drive they had a petting zoo. Jamie wasn't so sure about feeding those animals for some reason. We had a great morning.



  1. I had fun reading all the latest posts. Jamie looks so grown up with his new haircut. We're glad you made it while Thomas was gone.

  2. I can't even imagine how much fun Jamie must have had on this outing.