Friday, May 3, 2013

Jamie lately

Jamie has been singing along to CDs in the car for a while and I love it. He can't carry a tune at all, but it's so cute. Recently he's started changing some of the words. He particularly likes to do this with "Skinnamarinky-dinky-dink," as in, "I love you in the dumpster and in the after-truck. I love you in the flip-flop and underneath the pine cone!" We both find it hilarious.

One day during naptime I heard him say over the monitor that he needed to go potty. I found this questionable since he had just gone, but I went in and we had this conversation:
Me: Did I hear you say you need to go potty?
Jamie: Peter said he needs to go potty.
Me: Oh.... Well, please try not to talk because it's supposed to be quiet time.
Jamie: I was helping Peter talk. (said as though this was the most reasonable excuse ever)

One morning when I went to get him out of bed, he had stuffed Peter Rabbit and one of his pacis in his pajama top and announced to me, "I have a uterus!"

Jamie has really been loving acting out stories. He wants to do it over and over and over and over. Favorites to act out include Frog and Toad, Corduroy, a book from when I was little called Old Black Witch, and various parts of Richard Scarry's Busytown (the real title of which is What do People Do All Day? but we've never once called it that). He also did an amazing job of being the Lorax. I think he has that whole book memorized...along with many, many others!

Jamie is OBSESSED with playing doctor with his stuffed animals. But we have to play it with him. His doctor bear is the doctor and the rest of the animals are patients and Every. Single. One. has swallowed a puzzle piece (à la Curious George) or alternatively a rotten peanut (since he's been hearing the song "Found a Peanut") and is in need of an operation. I cannot express how tired I am of this game.

A bedtime story told to us by Jamie, all on his own:

Once upon a time there was a little bunny and his name was Peter Rabbit and he lived in a house with his mother and his daddy and there were skunks all over their home. And they sniffed the skunks and the skunks said, "Go away!" and they were robber skunks. And the lord of the horses came. And the pumpkins came and the dragons came and the vampires came. And some bears came and bit the vampires and they were robber vampires. Here's a picture of the 3 vampires and here's a picture of the dragon. And the lord of the horses came to get everything. And this is Mrs. Rabbit and she is sewing for Peter Rabbit. And she said to Peter and the vampire, "Why do you do everything?!" That's what she said to the vampire and Peter. And she did it again and again and again and again and again and again and I'm going to read it again Mommy and Daddy!

I was able to start scribbling it down after a couple sentences. I wish so badly that I'd had the camera and could have gotten this on video, but it was just too spontaneous. He did indeed tell it again, but the skunks morphed into raccoons in the retelling.

About a week ago, I was washing dishes when, entirely unbeknownst to me, Jamie came in the kitchen, pulled a box of Kosher salt off the counter, and opened it. I had my back to him and he was being so quiet I couldn't hear him over the running water. Suddenly I heard Thomas exclaiming behind me, turned around, and found Jamie standing next to a huge pile of salt. He had probably dumped out half the box. Little did we know that was just a warm-up... On Wednesday evening, I was rushing to get dinner ready while Thomas brought in groceries and put them away. He had left some of the bags right inside the door, and while we were in the kitchen, Jamie got into them and discovered a bag of flour, which he proceeded to open...and he COMPLETELY emptied it onto the living room floor. We discovered it when he scampered into the kitchen, positively beaming and exclaiming, "I made a mess!" Oh my word.

And also in the troublemaking vein...Earlier, I needed to go to the bathroom. When I came out, I found Jamie sitting on the table plucking petals off the flowers (thankfully they were getting old anyway). He is very well aware that he is not supposed to climb up there, but the stinker insisted he just wanted to smell the flowers...

He's gotten very good at building with his Legos recently. I swear, Legos are the best toy ever. He got his Duplos for Christmas when he was 18 months. He loved them then, he loves them still, and he plays with them nearly every day. A couple days ago when I was making lunch, he ran in and told me to come see what he had made. He had built this entirely on his own (it is a boat for Captain Salty, aka Peter Rabbit).

Jamie recently named his stuffed hippo "Hippo Conversation." We find this disproportionately hilarious. Yesterday we were trying to come up with a name for his sock monkey. His suggestions included Monkey Conversation, Au revoir, Koala, and laughter (the sound of it, not the word). We never settled on any of them, though, which is probably for the best.

And just being cute this morning:
firemen need a good breakfast

Pajama top, Grover underpants, backwards fire helmet, and an apron...perfect outfit for baking, right??

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