Sunday, May 19, 2013

festival day

Just a few pics from the Children's Literature Festival yesterday. Jamie was absolutely in LOVE with all these characters. He freaked out when he saw them -- "Mommy, there's a BEE! I see a alligator!!" -- and he wouldn't stop going back to them for hugs and high fives. So cute. He got to eat popcorn, listen to some really fun songs and stories, and got lots of little freebies. They also had a little parade that Jamie got to walk in. He had a great time and probably would have been happy to stay the whole day.
The Biscuit Festival was also yesterday. Jamie loved that too--trying a whole bunch of different biscuits is definitely his idea of a good time. I didn't get any pictures, though, because juggling our rain coats, water bottles, plates, and keeping Jamie from running off in the crowd kept my hands a little too full. My favorite biscuit this year was Tupelo Honey Cafe's pimento cheese biscuit.

We went on a walk in the afternoon, and Jamie FELL ASLEEP in the stroller. I was flabbergasted. I don't think he's done that in nearly 2 years. He was so confused when we got home and I woke him up. I set him up on the couch with some books while I made dinner because he was clearly still a little groggy.
Cutest thing ever.

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