Monday, June 10, 2013

birthday party

This afternoon Jamie had his first ever birthday party! As we are leaving tomorrow, I wanted to keep things small, so we only invited two other little boys. Jamie was very excited about it all day and didn't want to wait until the afternoon. Other than his having a hard time sharing some of his toys, I think it went well. His favorite parts were definitely the cupcakes and playing with his balloon at the end. Looking forward to celebrating even more later this week!

We had some extra batter so I let Jamie fill the mini cupcake pan all by himself.
the almost-birthday boy!

the decorations
the food

lots of playtime!

opening presents

Jamie was so excited about the cupcakes that he had grabbed one off the table and started eating the frosting before I even realized it! What a stinker.

Right after I finally let him have a balloon to play with. That was one happy boy!

My mom always had a tradition of taking a picture of us on the couch surrounded by our birthday presents. I can't do it with all his presents this year, since he opened some here and will open some in France, but here are the ones from the party at least! Thomas and I got him 5 Curious George books, and from his friends he got some activity books that are going to be wonderful for the plane rides! He also got a book about a boy named Jamie who has a pet bird named Thomas from a friend in Missouri and a t-shirt from his great-aunt. 

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  1. looks like a great success! Hope you are having fun with the travels:)