Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day questionnaire

Before we left for France, I had Jamie answer some questions about Thomas just for fun for Father's Day... (his answers are in blue)

My daddy's name is Thomas.
He is 3 years old.
My daddy weighs 1 pound.
He is as big as Jamie.
My daddy is so strong he could lift a ogre.
He has red hair and hazel eyes.
His favorite food is nuts.
His favorite color is red.
My daddy always says ridiculous things.
He likes to go to school.
My daddy's job is to go to school.
For fun he likes to play.
He laughs when he loves to.
My daddy cooks the best hamburgers I ever see.
My favorite thing to do with my daddy is play Darth Vader.
I love my daddy because I love that he is making money.

Happy Father's Day, Thomas! We love you!

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