Thursday, July 18, 2013

Jamie's books

We are home from France! Well, Jamie and I are, at least. Thomas will be home the 29th, and we are counting down the days! We had a wonderful trip and there are so many posts waiting to be written and so many pictures to upload. First though, I wanted to share these cute books Jamie made. Thomas's mom's birthday was the day before Jamie and I got to France. She loves homemade, personal kinds of gifts, so I had Jamie make a little book for her. He told me all the words and drew the pictures. It is a true story about a woodpecker at Grammy and Papy's house that he wanted to hear over and over last time we were there. Then when we finished making that one, he had had so much fun that he wanted to do another one! The second was about one of his favorite stuffed animals, a bear dressed like a doctor that he got for Christmas. He is appropriately named Dr. Bear. Again, Jamie told me all the words to the story and then drew the pictures. I couldn't share these before since I didn't want to spoil the birthday surprise. I love how they turned out and I also loved how much fun he had doing them!


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