Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Every time I've gone to France, we have spent most of our time in Dampierre, the house belonging to Thomas's extended French family (Dampierre is actually the name of the nearby village, but they always use that name to refer to the house). This time was no exception. We actually only spent 1 day in Paris, so this was our home for an entire month. I know that this house is a very special place for both Thomas and his sister Emily, so it was really wonderful to see how much Jamie loved it too. It is a French country house with a lot of land, trees, a swimming pool (which was unfortunately in need of some repairs this summer), a pond filled with fish, a garden, an orchard, garages where Thomas's cousins work on their cars, and a national forest just down the road. Jamie absolutely did not want to leave when the time came, and who can blame him?


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