Thursday, July 25, 2013

the provincial life

Belle may not have been a fan, but we sure are.

(yes, this is too many pictures for one post. but if I make a separate post for everything we did in France, I will never finish!)

the very acrophobic Thomas picking cherries on a ladder. You can tell how much he must love pie.
pie did not turn out as I had hoped. It became my "pie of shame."
Jamie and Vincent
Jamie and Adam having a snack...
and working on the tractor...
and feeding the fish.
Jamie with his great uncle Jean-Francois. He was in heaven.

a walk in the woods (the national forest down the road)
watching beetles
and a slug
Jamie and Philippe, a family friend
so much bread and cheese. every day. every meal, even.
It is very hard to tell, but the lump of grass in between us is actually a house we built of sticks and grass, and we filled it with fruits that had dropped from the trees. For the bears to eat in the winter. You know.
When we went to England, Jamie was very excited he would get to do things with his grandparents that we don't normally let him do. At the top of the list of things he hoped to do: ripping cloth. Who knows why. Didn't actually get to do it til we got back though.
4 generations of Lecaque men



  1. You and Thomas's selfies are cracking me up!

  2. Haha, just showing our true natures.