Monday, July 29, 2013

England {day 8}

Not a lot to show for this day because we spent the morning packing and tidying the flat and then took the train back to France. But we snuck in a couple last fun things.

First, breakfast at a restaurant near our flat. Thomas got to have his favorite full English breakfast one more time.

And THEN, just before heading to St. Pancras to catch our train, we stopped by King's Cross Station (conveniently just across the street) so I could get my picture taken at Platform 9 3/4. 
waiting for my turn
There are plenty of Harry Potter tours in London and Oxford too, but they are tours of locations where the movies were filmed. Since I prefer to pretend the movies don't exist, none of those even remotely interested me. This, however, is a legitimate Harry Potter site.

There were people there from some shop in the station where they try to sell you the picture they take of you. This is only worth mentioning because they give everyone their choice of Hogwarts scarves to wear for their picture. It was a tough choice between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw.

The guys with the scarves also toss your scarf up in the air so you can look like you're in motion going through the barrier, ha ha.

Once I got my picture, it was sadly time to say good bye to England. We took the train back through the Chunnel, back to Paris, and then caught another to Gien. It was so sad to leave, but at the same time so exciting to have Mr. James waiting for us at the train station. He was SO cute and excited to have Mommy and Daddy back. Never having left him before, I had also never gotten to have a reunion with him, and that was extremely sweet.

It was nearly the perfect week, the perfect introduction to London and England. There are many things I'd still like to do and see and plenty of things I'd love to do again. I can't wait until the next time I get a chance to travel there.

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