Thursday, August 1, 2013

the Eiffel Tower

We spent a lovely day in Paris with Grammy and Papy towards the end of our trip to France. Jamie, Thomas, and I (and Peter Rabbit) went to the top of the Eiffel Tower together. This was my third time going to France but only my first time going up the Eiffel Tower at all. I finally made it!

A trip to the top mainly consists of waiting in line. Waiting in line for tickets, waiting in line for the elevator to the second floor, waiting in line for the elevator to the top, waiting in line for the elevator coming back down to the second floor, waiting in line for the elevator to the bottom. Lots of waiting. Considering that, Jamie did very well. He was actually quite excited to go up, but then he did not enjoy the second floor at all because it was extremely windy.

When we made it to the very top, Jamie was happier (less wind) but Thomas was not (terrified of heights). So we didn't stay up there very long. But the view was incredible, and Jamie and I can finally say we've done it!

When we made it back down, we met up with Grammy and Papy and all went out to lunch together.
Jamie with his giant croque monsieur
Thomas wore his napkin so Jamie wouldn't be the only one.

crepes for dessert. yummm
3 Lecaque boys in Paris
After lunch we went to Versailles, but I have so many pictures that I'm going to need to make a separate post!

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