Thursday, August 15, 2013

Jamie goes to a castle

Yes, I am still posting about our trip... but just one more post after this and I'll be done, I promise.

One of Jamie's birthday presents this year was a French book about knights and castles. He loved it and requested it over and over, so we felt it was only fitting to take him to see a castle before we left France. A few days before we left, Thomas, Jamie, and I went to the ch√Ęteau in Sully-sur-Loire, which is extremely close to Dampierre. It was the perfect castle for Jamie--it had all the parts his book described, it was not too big and not crowded at all, and, as I mentioned, it was only a short drive away. We had a lot of fun touring the castle together, and he was actually disappointed when we got to the end! 
Jamie and Daddy on the ramparts

probably Jamie's favorite part


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