Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Emily's visit

Shortly after Thomas got home from France, his sister Emily came to visit us for a few days. She was home from Korea for a couple weeks, and if her visit hadn't overlapped with Thomas being in France, we would have gone to Missouri to see her. As it was she came to see us instead. And for some reason, I took almost no pictures the entire time! I don't know why this always happens when Emily comes to visit. Maybe because her camera is way better than ours? But even though I don't have photographic evidence, we had a great time. It was the first time Jamie and I had seen her in a year! Too long. We went out for dinner and brunch, went to the zoo, ate pie and cupcakes, played board games, and just spent time together. It was really nice and I'm just sad it was for such a short time.

These are seriously about the only pictures I have.
Emily opening presents: birthday presents and souvenirs from France and England. The box with the painted lid and stickers is a "badger box" that  Jamie decorated carefully for DAYS.
and then it was Jamie's turn
Jamie and Daddy nap. I also have a picture of Emily napping at the same time, but I doubt she'd appreciate if I shared it with anyone :)
Next time I will definitely try to take more pictures, though I'm glad we were more focused on just spending time together.

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