Sunday, September 15, 2013


This year we are doing a co-op preschool with a group of other moms and kids. The moms take turns teaching each week, so I'll be getting to teach several times throughout the year. I actually had my first turn teaching this past week, and I think it went pretty well -- the time went by faster than I expected, at the very least. Jamie has really enjoyed it so far! When I went to pick him up the first week, he didn't want to leave, and playing preschool has become a new favorite game.
Jamie on his first day
My friend Brianna is one of the other moms in the group, and as she is also a photographer (she is the one who took our family pictures in April), she offered to do preschool pictures of the kids. Here's my cutie :)
I hope the rest of the year continues to go just as well!

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