Thursday, October 24, 2013


Almost a month ago now (I am getting behind!), I had my 28th birthday. It wasn't my best birthday ever, mainly because Jamie came down with a cold. We pretty much just had a low-key day at home. However, that was fine by me because it was only the fourth weekend since APRIL with all 3 of us home and no visitors. 

The day before my birthday, we all went out to brunch at Pete's downtown. Yum.

On the day of, I woke up to a balloon, cards, presents, and a pancake breakfast. Jamie and Thomas got me some sapphire earrings to go with the sapphire necklace they gave me last year, and I got some other very nice gifts and cards from family and friends. Instead of a cake, I had a super yummy fruit tart. And after Jamie went to bed, Thomas and I went out to dinner at P. F. Chang's (and took no pictures. oops).

It was a quiet birthday but that was just what I needed after all the craziness of the rest of September.

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