Thursday, October 3, 2013

Nathaniel and Sarah's wedding!

My oldest brother Nathaniel got married about 2 weeks ago! The wedding was in Albuquerque, and we were so happy to be able to go. All of my siblings were there, and I think it was the first time since 2004 that all 8 of us were together.

Our trip got off to a bad start. We originally had a 7 a.m. flight out of Knoxville which, while crazy early, would have had us in Albuquerque by 11:30 local time and given us almost a whole day with my family. But we got a call the night before that the flight was cancelled and we were rescheduled on a 3 p.m. flight connecting in Dallas. We had no problems with our flight to DFW, but our second flight was fraught with delays and problems. First the plane hadn't landed yet, then there was a mechanical problem that needed to be fixed, then we were 12th in line for take-off, and by the time we got to the front of the line, there was an awful storm. After boarding an hour and a half later than scheduled, we ended up sitting on the plane for 2 hours before finally taking off. Thankfully Jamie fell asleep shortly after boarding. It still wasn't pleasant, but it sure made things a lot easier! We FINALLY got to Albuquerque at 10:30 p.m. I was really bummed to have missed so much time since our trip was only for a couple of days.

The next day, Friday, we spent hanging out with my family! We all had lunch together, went swimming at the hotel where some people were staying, had a pizza party and a piƱata for the kiddos, and helped decorate for the reception. I also finally met my new sister-in-law, Sarah! Jamie had a blast with his Grandma and Grandpa and all his uncles, aunts, and cousins, especially his cousin Rivers who is 6 months older than he is. The last time they saw each other Jamie wasn't even 1 yet. This time they had a lot of fun playing with Star Wars toys and trucks and just running around like crazy.
Jamie and Rivers
meeting my nephew Brooks for the first time
Caslea and Uncle Thomas

Caslea, Jamie, and Adriana

working together to smash Darth Vader
Zealan found a huge praying mantis

 Saturday was the wedding day! It started off with a brunch for the families at a local restaurant followed by some getting ready/down time, and then of course the wedding and reception.
Not a great picture, but here are Nathaniel and Sarah at the brunch
Jamie probably ate his weight in breakfast meat, plus eggs, yogurt, berries, and sticky buns. Sometimes I just don't know how he fits all that food in his little tummy.
me and Thomas post-brunch
Jamie and Rivers playing the piano together
Jamie, Zealan, and Brooks
baby Christine!
Brooks and Uncle Johnny
all the kids entertaining themselves: Aleia, Kaylie, Jamie, Jeffy, Zealan, Rivers, Lincoln
Uncle Benj and Christine, Uncle Johnny and Brooks
We got Jamie a new coloring/activity book for the plane rides. He spent HOURS working on putting stickers in this thing. Not exaggerating.
 And here are some pictures immediately post-ceremony.
they're married!
Jamie and Uncle Nate!
my brothers. yes, there are 6 of them.
one of the wedding colors was orange, and it's also the University of Tennessee's color, so we went all out with our Volunteer pride :)
Mark and Adriana
had to sneak in a belly picture while I was all dressed up :) 14 weeks. I feel HUGE compared to last time. With Jamie I was barely showing at this point. 
 And then it was time for the reception! We had a great time. Dinner was Mexican food, which we thought was a great choice. My brothers prepared and sang a very funny parody of Gotye's "Somebody that I Used to Know" and made it all about Sarah (video here--though it might not be as funny if you don't know them). All the uncles and aunts had fun dancing with their nieces and nephews. It was a wonderful night! 
playing a little pre-reception Bang
Jamie and Rivers playing with trucks under the table. I love this picture.
Jamie and Caslea
Amy in her element
Aleia and Christine
cutting the cake
Later when I asked Jamie what his favorite part was, he said it was the cake.
first dance
bouquet toss
Uncle Thomas and Caslea
Aunt Sarah and Jamie
Uncle Matt and Christine
Jamie was so excited to dance with his new Aunt Sarah. It was cute.
Thomas and Hyrum

new sisters-in-law!

Jamie just CRASHED at the end of the night. He fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep through getting out of his car seat, going inside, and getting changed into pajamas. I guess the jet lag, the crazy schedules (he was up til 9 or 10 every night, and New Mexico is 2 hours behind us!), and all the excitement of the weekend finally caught up to him.

Our return flights went much more smoothly, except that they initially screwed up our seats. All of us were separate, including Jamie! The first person we mentioned this too acted like 3-year-olds being seated separately from their parents just happened all the time and basically said that they can't tell how old someone is when the seats get assigned. Uh...ok. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me since we have to supply that information. We finally got it all sorted out, though, and except for a little motion sickness during landing, the 3 1/2 hour flight was completely uneventful. Jamie spent the entire time putting stickers in that activity book. For 3 solid hours! He also got a pair of wings and he was so excited! He switched them from shirt to shirt for days afterwards.

I'm so happy all three of us were able to go to Albuquerque together. We had so much fun, and we are so happy for Nathaniel and Sarah! Welcome to the family :)

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