Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Jacob at 5 months

New this month:
  • According to our scale, Jacob now weighs 17.2 pounds.
  • He is really filling out his 6 months clothes. It's probably about time to pull out the next bin.
  • Jacob rolls over all the time. He can go both ways off his tummy but so far can only go to his left off his back.
  • He has gotten extremely grabby.
  • His nighttime sleep is a disaster though naps have been a little better than normal the last few days. 
  • No teeth yet but definitely teething--lots of drooling, biting, and a nursing strike for a couple days. 

We were out of town on the 23rd so no "official" 5 month pictures. Here's a few random shots of our cute baby!
While I was trying to take his picture, he rolled himself up in the blanket and tried to grab the camera.

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