Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Today was Jamie's first day of preschool!

I had a hard time getting a picture where he was looking, smiling, and holding the sign so you could read it. He got tired of trying, so I told him just to be himself instead of holding the sign/posing. That resulted in this:

Such a goober. Anyway.

He is going on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for 3 hours. I have mixed emotions about it. I had no trouble dropping him off. He was so excited and totally ready for it, and it's for such a short time that it just flew by. Six hours a week isn't very much. But at the same time it feels like the beginning of the end: the end of Jamie being home with me all day, the end of no schedules, the end of being able to go to the zoo or library or wherever we want at the drop of a hat. When he was born, five years sounded like a long time, but wow have the last four gone by fast. 

next to his cubby
When I picked him up, he was full of excitement about everything he'd done and told me he wanted to go back every day. I'm so glad he enjoyed it, and we're all excited about this year!

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