Sunday, November 2, 2014

Jamie catch-all

Just some random pictures of Jamie from the last few months that haven't made it on to any other posts...

Superhero Day at the zoo
for a long time he would put his hair down by Jacob's hands and wait for him to pull it...
...then he'd complain, "Ow, Mommy, Jacob's pulling my hair!" but always with this grin.
I found this one day. Made me laugh.
We noticed that the weight limit for the Ergo is 45 pounds, which is about what Jamie weighs, so he went for a ride. 
He LOVES to dress up! He'll put on the most random assortment of things and turn it into all kinds of different special suits. I don't remember what these were anymore.
He hasn't done it in a bit but for a while he wouldn't stop covering himself in stickers.

He's getting excited about learning to write.
He also went through a stage where he wanted to use tape as "protectors" all the time to pretend to be a Ninja Turtle. When he was sick in September, he would NOT take his medicine. One day I used the tape as bribery and he drank it right up. 
He loves to do "science experiments." We did one with coffee filters and markers and then turned them into butterflies.
Jamie likes to try and take pictures sometimes. I love all the little feet in them.
He thought he was soooo funny when he added "poop" and "pee" to our weekly dinner menu.
working out with Mommy.
his favorite way to play with Jacob is for both of them to be on his bed while pretending it's a boat
this makes me laugh every time
When I was sick in September, Jamie decided to take care of me. He took my temperature, brought me a wet paper towel for my forehead, brought me (admittedly random) food and water, gave me crayons and a coloring book so I'd have a "quiet activity" I could do while I rested, brought me a teddy bear, etc, etc....
One day in September, Jamie and Thomas went to the Smokies by themselves. They had a great day. The main event was a junior ranger program in Cades Cove. Jamie got to learn about a saw mill and some other old ways of life. He LOVED it.
The day before my birthday, Jamie and I went to see Seussical, the Musical at the Knoxville Children's Theatre. We had so much fun! It was his first time going to any type of play or musical, and he still talks about it and requests to hear the songs. I can't wait to take him to more!
We've been reading a lot of books about pirates. One day Jamie asked if he could go out on the balcony with a bucket of water and some rags and "swab the deck." He spent at least an hour doing this.
He wanted me to make him into a mummy.
I found this paper that had a rocket ship drawn on one side and "Halloween" written on the other. He's getting lots better at drawing and writing! And he knows how to spell Halloween because of a song Thomas and I learned in elementary school and taught to him.
He drew all the Ninja Turtles.
Jamie has a difficult time entertaining himself, but one day I managed to get him to play most of the day while I was working on something (I can't remember what anymore though). These pictures don't quite capture how disastrously messy the apartment was at the end of that day. I suppose that's the price for getting him to play by himself.
a couple of times I've noticed him writing his ABCs or just found a paper with them later on. I love it! This was all done of his own volition.
This just makes me laugh.

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