Tuesday, November 4, 2014

pumpkin patch and a conference in Atlanta

Thomas had a conference in Atlanta a few weeks ago, so of course we planned to go with him and stay at Mark & Sarah's. Then Jamie's preschool scheduled their pumpkin patch field trip for the same day. So Thomas ended up taking a bus down to Atlanta while Jamie, Jacob, and I went to the pumpkin patch and then drove to Atlanta on our own afterwards.

The pumpkin patch was a lot of fun for Jamie! It had been raining and was a cold, wet, muddy morning, but he loved getting to play with his friends, go on a hayride, choose the "perfect pumpkin," and play in the hay they had in one area.

We left straight from the field trip. The pumpkin patch was fortunately in the right direction, so it took 20 or 30 minutes off the regular travel time. I was nervous about the drive because Jacob is typically a very bad traveler and it was the first time I'd driven them by myself anywhere longer than maybe half an hour. However, I got lucky, and he actually slept for 2 hours! It was a miracle.

We had a great weekend at Mark & Sarah's. Jamie had so much fun (as usual) playing with his cousins, and it was so nice for me not to be alone while Thomas was at a conference! He was gone all day Thursday and Friday and half the day Saturday, but I still got to see him in the evening and then we all got to spend Saturday afternoon and Sunday together. The kids' favorite activities this time were "painting" the deck with soapy water as the "paint" and raking up pine needles in the backyard. Doesn't sound too exciting but they loved it. We are lucky to have some family so close!

For once, I really didn't take that many pictures, but here are a few.
Adriana's school had their fall festival while we were there. The kids all got their hair sprayed different colors and their faces painted. 
Jamie, Abigail, and Elena put on what they called a "puppet show" though it involved no puppets. They're pretty funny.

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